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Marketplace Delivery Info.

Last Updated: March 27, 2022

Deliverer the products in time on exact place is one of the most important practices that we are doing almost every day. In some cases, delivery time can be increased Based on location and some situations like pandemic or any kind of strike. Except these types of situations, you will get your product or service in time on your preferred location hopefully.

Delivery Time Limit:

For the delivery inside Dhaka District, we are promising to deliver any product or service within 72 hours maximum and for outside Dhaka doorstep product delivery services we are taking exact 4 days for delivering any physical product.

for any kind of digital product for example "Gift Certificate", this type of product, will be delivered within next 20 hours from the order placing time.

Delivery Costs:

Delivery cost is different based on delivery location.

Inside Dhaka Delivery Cost:  80/- BDT (Minimum Charge for product under 500g)

Inside Dhaka Delivery Cost: 120/- BDT (Minimum Charge for the product under 1 kilogram & above 500g)

Cost will increase based on product weight. (BDT 30/- will be added extra for each Kilogram after the minimum fees of delivery)

International Delivery:
Our international delivery will be added soon.